Intelligent Terminals

Curewin Intelligent Weighing Terminal is a state-of-art Weighing Terminal specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environment. This terminal finds its application where data processing, record saving, printing options are required. The unit is completely customizable and can be designed as per the requirement of user.


  • Rugged and robust unit to suit to harshest industrial environment.
  • Free from viruses unlike in PC.
  • Ideal for all types of Weighing Systems irrespective of make, model, capacity and size of the system.
  • Report Summary, customized report can be generated at end of the day.
  • Management information securely protected to prevent unauthorized interference. (Fraud proof System)
  • Convenient public weighing facility to provide cost recovery. (Fraud proof System)
  • Data transportability (into Excel format) using pen drive.
  • Alibi memory for more than 2 lac Weighment records.
  • Label printing, Barcode printing options can be provided as per customers’ requirement.
  • SS and Flameproof enclosure can also be supplied to suit to highly corrosive & hazardous environment.


Technical details / Datasheet:

  • SMPS based Power supply (90 – 270 V AC).
  • Various display options like LCD & LED, Graphical LCD for weight, data entry and other menus.
  • Ports available: RS232 port, Remote display port, Printer port, USB ports for keyboard & pen drive,
  • Ethernet port (optional), HDMI port for connecting peripherals like monitor, RS485 port (optional).
  • Can be made compatible with Mettler Toledo, Avery, Sartorius and any other make Weighbridge PC software.
  • Multistep calibration facility (maximum 10 linearization points) with random load sequence in order to achieve Higher Weighment Accuracy and minimize calibration time.
  • Zero tracking and weight tracking feature provided for better stability.
  • Maximum 10 data entry fields, with 25 character limitation, to store more information.
  • Code based system with multiple codes (max. 100) for maximum 3 entries to speed up Weighment.
  • Customized pre-printed ticket can also be programmed.
  • User defined application like charges collection and reporting of charges collected, operator account, etc.


Optional features:

  • Weighment data accessibility from any part of the world using Mobile, PC, Laptop with internet connection. We can centralize the Weighing data of more than 100 weighbridges installed in various locations. (To be highlighted)
  • SMS feature to send SMS of Weighment data to any pre-configured mobile number by just connecting modem. SMS can also be sent to any additional Mobile no. entered during Weighment data entry.
  • One terminal can be connected with 2 weighbridges (dual platform system) to serve as both an in and an out and both.