Remote Display

Bright Red Seven Segment LED display: Available display sizes 25 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm.

Day Light visible LED display

  • Brighter LED that is visible even it day light.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Big & Brighter display that is visible from long distance.
  • Good quality LED that glows same with time & does not fades.
  • Available Sizes – Display visibility: 100 mm (4”) – 30 mtr, 150 mm (6”) – 50 mtr, 200 mm (8”) – 80 mtr, 300 mm (12”) – 120 mtr



  • Serial Display: For Curewin as well as other make indicator / customized communication parameter
    (Baud rate, Parity, etc) can be factory set as per requirement.
  • Display board for Toll ways
  • Wireless Display: Option of wireless display can also be given for Curewin as well as other company indicators. Long distance communication up to 100 mtr can be possible.


  • No need of cabling between Weighing Terminal and Remote Display.
  • Installation cost gets reduced a lot, as cost of cable, laying and digging charges etc is not required.
  • Very Less Maintenance cost as compare to wired display.
  • Multiple Wireless displays can also be installed for a single weighing terminal.
  • Position of wireless display can be changed any time as required within the specified limit.
  • Multiple Weight indicators can be installed in an area with Wireless Displays.
  • It can be installed in existing Weight Indicators also.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Wireless transmitter – This will be installed in the weight Indicator through COM Port.
  • Wireless Display – This is installed at remote location to display the weight. A power supply is to be given to this display.