Junction/Summation boxes

Loadcell summation box can be provided for 4, 6, 8 and 10 loadcell systems with lightening protection.

Wireless option:

Wireless Junction Box has now come up with wireless technology. This product is useful for both industrial & public weigh bridges. In this system Junction Box & Weight Indicator works on wireless technology, hence there will not be any cable connection between Junction Box & Weight Indicator.

  • The output signals of all the loadcells will be connected to the Wireless Junction Box.
  • The Weight Indicator will be installed at a distance away from Wireless Junction box.
  • Calibration & corner error correction will be done through the conventional process.


  • Wireless communication between Junction Box & Weight Indicator helps in reducing faults related with Lightning strikes & voltage surges.
  • Problem due to cable joints, breakage / ageing of cable, sinking of cable in water will be avoided.
  • Disturbance in output signal of Junction Box due to electrical noise will get reduce.
  • Field programmable configure setting allows easy field replaceability and multiple installation in a same premises.