Battery manager


  • Two 12V batteries are externally connected to the device. Stay always connected.
  • AC mains connection is given to the “Battery Manager”.
  • DC output is given to the Indicator.
  • “Battery Manger” allows continuous charging of one battery, and power to the Indicator is given by another battery.
  • Over charging protection is inbuilt.
  • Indicator remains safe, as there isn’t any direct connection to AC. Battery which is giving power to Indicator, totally remains isolated.
  • Fuse protection for both the batteries, to protect against wrong connection is provided.
  • LED indication (low battery, battery) for both the batteries is provided.


  • As there is no direct 230 volt supply to the weight indicator, thus very high protection from high voltages, spike to weight indicator, Junction box & load cells.
  • Reverse polarity protection to protect weight indicator in case of wrong battery connection.
  • Remove hassles of replacing battery multiple times to put it on charging.
  • Very useful product for sites having power, high voltage problems.