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Electronic Weighbridges

Curewin Weighbridges incorporates durable Modular design which outperforms other Weighbridges. Mild steel constructed anti corrosive painted platform structure is made to last long. High precision load cells meeting OIML C3 standards are factory calibrated for multi transducer applications and hence avoids time consuming field calibration with test weights and corner matching of weighing platforms. The electronics is having high resolution and is fraud proof with security passwords. Optional application software/hardware is also available for use in industrial applications.

Capacity of Weighbridges:

10 – 200 metric ton.

Length of Weighbridges:

4.8 m – 24 m

Customized length also be provided.

Width of Weighbridges:

3 m - 6 m

Customized width also be provided.

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Pit-type Weighbridge

Pit-type Weighbridge

Pit-less weighbridges

Pit-less Weighbridge

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