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Weighing Automation

Online Check Weighers

Optimize your production line with our Online Check Weighers, ensuring precision and compliance with weight regulations. Our advanced technology guarantees real-time accuracy, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. Trust in our reliable solutions for seamless checkweighing in various industries.

Bag Filling Machine

"Streamline your packaging process with our Bag Filling Machines. Engineered for efficiency, our machines offer precise and automated filling for a variety of bag sizes. Trust in reliability, accuracy, and increased productivity with our cutting-edge bag filling solutions."

Conveyor Belt Weigher

General Description:

Belt weighing system by Curewin is specially designed for precise and accurate measurement of the flow and total weight of material transferred over the belt without interrupting the transfer process.

This conveyor belt weighing system consists of a weighing frame, loadcells, speed sensors and a weighing indicator.

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