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Electronic Weighing Scales

Analytical Scales

Curewin Semi Micro / High Precision balances incorporate advanced technology to offer unmatched accuracy and reliability. It has inbuilt temperature compensation to offer a very high stability. All adjustment parameters are programmable through software to take care of any mismatch.

Available Capacities & Least counts:

From capacity 60gm to 5 kg

From least count 0.01mg to 0.01gm.

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Table Top Scales

  • The ultimate performance scale having virgin ABS rustproof body for harsh environment applications.
  • Piece counting / High, Low, Ok set points (without tower light indication) for packaging & check weighing.
  • Dual display / Pole display options for convenience.
  • Power backup facility supported with a rechargeable battery. (optional)
  • RS232/RS485/4-20 mA/Ethernet/Bluetooth connectivity. (optional)
  • Tower light (Red, Yellow, Green) for High / Low / Ok indication. (optional)

Available Capacities & Least counts:

From capacity 1 kg to 30 kg

From least count 0.1 gm to 5 gm.


Platform Scales

General Description:

The Curewin platform structures are specially designed for extensive use in applications of concentrated and severe loading. The structures are equipped with superior loadcells for stability, reliability and accuracy. They can be placed on the ground or pit mounted. The unique leveling foot in the loadcell ensures universal movement (for 4 loadcell system), thereby reducing the effect of jerk loads on the platform.

The simplified, ingenious and state-of-the-art design of the platform enables maintenance and servicing by a single person.


Crane Scales

General Description:

Curewin sturdy Crane Weighing Scales finds its application in various industrial spectrums where accuracy & precision is required.



  • Packing industry.

  • Food processing.

  • Ware houses.

  • Pharma industry.

  • Steel Industry. And many more.

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